Product Partner Program

Every business needs partners to help bring complementary skills and additional capacity.

Red White & Hemp wants to be your partner to help grow your business and carry the load. Our skills are focused on sales, marketing, and promotion while our experience with growing businesses brings administrative, technical and operational efficiencies. We combine our team with your team and this gets more done with less effort.

Red White & Hemp is your partner with the turnkey solution for wide distribution and increased sales of your awesome products.

  • Regular procurement of your products for our rolling inventory
  • Aggressive distribution of your products through our existing retail network partners
  • Professional sales resources with ongoing outreach to new prospects
  • Development, design, and assistance with joint marketing materials
  • Promotion of the overarching industry to grow a bigger pie for everyone
  • Market research and customer feedback for business planning and future product development
  • Increased efficiencies related to ordering, payment collection, delivery, shipping, and other administrative duties
  • Development of consistent and growing revenue streams creating “peace of mind” and cash flow for current business priorities

If you are a hemp grower, processor or product company, contact Red White & Hemp to learn about our distribution services and the immediate opportunities for growing your business.