Business Services

Red White & Hemp has a team of seasoned business professionals who have ‘been there and done that.’

Our mission is to help the hemp industry regain its rightful place as an important US agricultural product. To achieve this goal, we use our business skills and long-term experience to assist local businesses in navigating the difficult waters of day-to-day management. We can help you manage growth and ensure long-term success with our wide range of necessary business skills. Help with the work that you don’t like. Help with the work that you’ve never done before. Help with the work that you don’t have time for.

  • Business and Financial Planning – Businesses are always planning for the future. However, some do it a lot more and a lot better than others. If you map out a plan and follow that path, you have a MUCH better chance of reaching your destination. Our experience with small business growth can be shared to help you see where you are and where you want to go. Then with a written plan, you can monitor your progress toward your goals.
  • Technology – Businesses always struggle with incorporating technology into their changing operation. We have decades of experience with all aspects of technology implementation including website design, e-commerce platforms, database application development, email management, security, and general desktop support. Get better results from your technology – faster, cheaper and easier.
  • Human Resources – Every business relies on people to help it grow. Maybe they are full-time employees or maybe it’s just a friend who listens to you complain after work. Without quality people, no business will survive. As your business grows, it becomes imperative that you seek out good people who bring complementary skills to your game. We understand the difficulties and the risks of hiring and the pain and suffering of day-to-day management. Let us help you with this.
  • Accounting and Administration – Every business spends hours and hours with paper and phone calls and forms and receipts. This administration work will never end, so be sure that it is happening correctly and efficiently. We can take this load off your shoulders and give you better results while allowing you to focus more productive time on the success of your core business.