TN Homegrown – The Old Hemp Farmer’s Wife’s Lip and Body Balm


100% Legal All-Natural Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Skin Balm

  • TN Homegrown is the proven manufacturer of this skin care line
  • Hemp oil processed using FECO extraction
  • Scented with lavender and frankincense
  • All organic ingredients including coconut oil, hemp extract, coco butter, beeswax, and essential oils
  • Ideal for cuts, scrapes, lips, bug bites, scars, dry skin, and sores
  • Laboratory tested by third party for legal levels under State law

TN Homegrown is run by third generation Tennessee farmers. Growing an Italian fiber hemp variety in the local conditions have produced oils that are naturally rich in CBD.  The company’s philosophy is to use time-honored traditions to make simple, wholesome products that can be used as food and as medicine. At Tennessee Homegrown, it’s “more farm than pharmacy”.

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