Product Philosophy

High-quality, trusted products from reputable farmers, processors, and manufacturers.

There are over 25,000 different products worldwide with significant room for expansion and growth. Hemp shows up in everything from luxury cars to face cream to pet food. We can help you sort through this jungle and determine which products are best for you personally or for your business financially.

This fast-growing plant has the potential to replace a wide range of products currently made from plastics and from wood. Hemp can literally help save the world by providing alternatives to chopping down trees and manufacturing more petroleum-based plastics.

  • Healthcare and beauty products for a range of benefits
  • Fiber products including paper, cardboard, clothes, and textiles
  • Construction, furniture, and car materials currently made of wood and plastic
  • Foods and nutrition for people, for pets and for livestock

Red White & Hemp is committed to growing a stable supply chain for American hemp products. We educate the public about the strengths and benefits of hemp to grow the overall industry. We research high-quality products and help small businesses with distribution, sales, and marketing. We partner with retailers to put these products on their shelves and satisfy the demand of current and future customers.

We are constantly growing our business partnerships and our line of high-quality hemp products, so please contact us to learn more about specific products, availability, and pricing.