Hemp to Tennessee

Red White & Hemp is committed to strengthening this industry here in our home state of Tennessee.

The US hemp industry is in its infancy when compared to the billions for China, Russia, and France. The recent changes to Federal law have unleashed significant opportunity with states like Colorado and Kentucky jumping to an early lead. Red White & Hemp is here to ensure that the GREAT STATE OF TENNESSEE resumes its historical role as a key US producer of quality hemp products.

We are headquartered in Nashville – the coolest city in America. But we did not just move here…no…we have been here for generations. Our management team has deep roots in this town and we are growing our network of partners to ensure the national success of Tennessee products in this competitive market.

Since the 1800’s Tennessee has been a major producer of high-quality hemp with a perfect environment for this type of agriculture. Now the Tennessee Department of Agriculture is licensing growers and processors to help rebuild this traditional cash crop industry. We are educating Tennesseans about the State’s deep history with hemp and the immense financial opportunities on the horizon.

We bring high-quality Tennessee hemp products to Tennessee retail outlets for promotion to Tennesseans.