Hemp in the USA

Red White & Hemp is reintegrating this historical cash crop back into our American culture and our American economy.

Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 on three ships that were literally covered in hemp. The sails, the ropes, and even the caulking in the hull were all hemp. Years later when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, their ship, the Mayflower, was again made of hemp, but they also brought hemp seeds for the future. When Jamestown was established as the first capital of Virginia, A standing law required every settler to grow hemp in support of the growing colony.  The seeds of America are distinctly interconnected with the seeds of hemp.

  • Throughout the 1800’s, farmers could be thrown in jail for NOT growing hemp
  • Until the early 1900’s, citizens actually paid their US federal taxes with hemp
  • Hemp was a military priority during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War
  • Hemp was critical to the success of the US Navy in the Pacific Ocean during World War ll

Red White & Hemp is educating the American people about the importance of this resource for our nation historically and currently. The relationship has always been there, so let’s renew this national treasure.