Hemp and Humanity

As far back as we can see into human history, hemp has been a part of our human culture.

Archaeological evidence has proven that hemp was definitely used by humans for a variety of purposes at least 10,000 years ago. Hemp was so useful, that experts believe it was one of the first plants to be cultivated and farmed by man. Before we learned to work with clay and bronze and iron, we knew how to work with hemp. It was so successful and easy to grow that it has been found across the ancient world from Europe to Asia and Africa.

Humanity said “YES” to hemp and we grew it and used it to make our lives better. Since the beginning, this single plant has provided food and rope and cloth and medicine and many other benefits. Archaeologists and researchers have uncovered a treasure trove of artifacts around the world proving the close relationship between humanity and hemp.

  • Ancient paper was hemp
  • Ancient textiles were hemp
  • Ancient bow strings were hemp
  • Ancient saddles were hemp
  • Ancient boats were hemp

Throughout history, hemp has been a strategic resource and a powerful economic driver. This single plant has been part of some of the most important technological advances for humanity. Red White & Hemp is focused on educating the public about this connection and the continuing benefits of this natural resource.