About Hemp

Hemp is a multi-billion-dollar worldwide industry and the USA is barely participating in this lucrative and growing opportunity.

The hemp plant has been part of the human experience since the beginnings of recorded time. Around the world, early man found this plant to be useful and modern man continues to create new and amazing ways to utilize the prolific resource. Hemp is easy to grow and replenishes quickly. With this in mind, there are many possibilities for this resource to replace both wood-based products and plastic-based products. Hemp can literally help save the planet by providing alternatives to deforestation and pollution from plastics.

Since the founding of America, hemp has been a national cash crop that American ingenuity developed into rope, textiles, paper, food, oil, and health products. With changes to the federal agricultural law in 2014, hemp is once again legal to grow and process in the USA. Red White & Hemp is committed to bringing this industry back to the USA.