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My Fellow Americans…

Hemp is woven into the fabric of America. Since the beginning, this plant has been with us providing a wide range of benefits. When Christopher Columbus set out to discover new worlds, his ships were rigged with hemp ropes and sails. The Mayflower brought hemp seeds with them to Massachusetts. Our first, third and fourth US Presidents grew hemp! Hemp was recognized as legal currency for taxes until well after the Civil War.

In 2014, the US Congress revised the laws relating to the growth and production of the hemp plant. This is sparking a nationwide revival of this historical industry. Red, White & Hemp is dedicated to re-establishing hemp back into American culture. By working with small businesses dedicated to this supply chain, we bring high-quality Tennessee hemp to market with proactive education and excellent customer service.

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High-quality, trusted products from reputable farmers, processors, and manufacturers. There are over 25,000 different products worldwide with significant room for expansion. Hemp shows up in everything from cars to face cream to pet food.

Made in Tennessee

Red White & Hemp is committed to strengthening this industry here in our home state of Tennessee. The US hemp industry is in its infancy when compared to the billions for China, Russia, and France. We are headquartered in Nashville – the coolest city in America.

Supply Chain Services

We can create value along the entire hemp supply chain by providing expert business services and rubber-meets-the-road manpower. Along with our strong product line, we take pride in our skills and experience with growth-oriented business management.